Business direction change:

By | 2016/12/18

Keep changing.

Since the end of June, most parts of game related business have been cut.

Searching for chances of new businesses from July to September.

Prepared the following new businesses for testing.

  • Importing bicycle parts from Taiwan to Finland
  • Importing Oolong tea from Taiwan to Finland
  • Organizing educational tour from Taiwan to Finland
  • Importing Green tea from Japan to Finland
  • Importing Food Matcha from Japan to Finland
  • Exporting stationary from Finland to Taiwan
  • Exporting living goods from Finland to Japan

Many businesses were tested.


Bicycle part business stopped because supplier stopped support.

Educational tour is on the way with minimal preparation.

Stationary business is on the way as well with minimal efforts due to the few number of suppliers in Finland.

Now focusing on the living good business because it could get higher successful rate with support from my partner although the market is very competitive.

As a result, tea business is almost stopped as well.

The concept of the living good web shop is to promote Finnish culture and let Japanese people know more about Finnish people, society and living together with introduction of products produced and designed in Finland such as living goods, designed goods, decoration goods or accessories, etc.

Please check it out!

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