A foreigner entrepreneur in Finland: Company registration (1)

By | 2015/06/14

Since I have submitted the application for start-up grant in the middle of May, I think it a good time to get ready for company registration.

With a limited company, I can have a legal person for me to operate my business.

Then, no matter what happens, the worst thing is to lose all share capital I put in this company but not all my personal property, which is important.

Besides, the corporate income tax in Finland is only 20%, which is much lower than Japan or Taiwan. It could be saving some tax to operate a limited company in Finland.


According to the description on the website of World Bank, the basic process of registering a limited company in Finland is to fill in application forms, produce Articles of Association and go to a bank to open a corporate account with these two documents certificated by a lawyer in advance.

Then, transfer the lowest limitation of share capital 2500 euros into the corporate account, and send out the application form and related documents to Finnish Patent and Registration Office and Tax Administration in which usually one application will be registered in both institutes at the same time.

The application form can be found on Finnish Business Information System. Google translate is powerful to understand the Finnish in the websites and forms.

I filled in the application forms (Y1 form, appendix for Y1 form, personal data form), and also downloaded several templates and examples of Articles of Association. I’ll try to make my own Articles of Association with these templates as reference.

Besides, I also got recommendation to a legal service called “Smartius” from a business consultant (free of charge) in Yritystehdas (entrepreneur factory) in Jyvaskyla, and I have sent a mail to the legal service to ask for any available services.


Reading through the information on the website of this legal service, it seems that it provides both contract production and company registration services.

I hope I can use their services and get my company registered without troubles.

I also produced the contract template by taking templates on the Internet as reference again for my marketing service to have a concrete agreement between me and my clients. I also want to use this legal service to check this contract.

The legal consultant is busy, so we made an appointment in 2 weeks later.

Moreover, I plan to visit a bank tomorrow to see what documents I really need to open a corporate account since I have some time tomorrow.

I hope everything goes well!!


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