A leaving season

By | 2015/06/12

The academic semesters in the universities in Finland are from September to the middle of December for Autumn and from the middle of January to the end of May for Spring.

Now it’s close to the end of the semester and the whole academic year. (This article was written at the end of May)

Many people are leaving from this university and this city.

I can feel that people walk around the dormitory is getting fewer and fewer.


As we all already understood that schools are places that people usually don’t stay for a very long time, 3-4 years for a bachelor and 2 years for a master, which is different from a hometown or an office where people can decide how long they want to stay.

But once we enter a school, we just meet each other every day, eat together every day, play, laugh, think a lot together every day.

We never image the end will come someday.

If the case is a local group or a company, we can decide how long we want to stay, except the situations of company bankruptcy or special cases.

In a school, graduation is basically the time for leaving.

In the past 10 months, most of my good friends are exchange students from Japan.

Now these 9 friends are leaving one by one from this city back to their hometown in Japan.

And I go to the bus stop each morning when each of them is leaving.

2 days ago was him. Yesterday was her and tomorrow is her…

Ya…that’s sad and lonely…

Although they are around 10 to 12 years younger than me and we do feel some distance between us, we spent lots of time together and felt close to each other.

We’ve been to short trips, long travels, birthday parties, events, and so on.


I guess we could say we are “Douki” which means people enter the same organization at the same time and experience the same thing, fight for the same goal in Japanese.

Since we are students, we don’t feel like the reality out of the school such as taking advantages from others, thinking of getting earlier promotion than others or seriously considering about the future marriage.

It’s much simpler relationship. We’re friends and we just enjoy happy time together.

Now they’re stepping out for the next stage in their lives.

Some will become teachers. Some will go to graduate schools. Some will find a job, and some are still confused of their future.

As a senior student in life, I hope I had talked and said some things as good reference for them and I really hope they can have happy lives.

At the end, I want to say: thank you!

Thanks for sharing me your young energy and power.

Thanks for giving me great memories.

Thanks for the happy time in the past year.

Let’s meet again!

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