After 3 weeks of Finnish language lessons (3)

By | 2014/09/02

The last part is our homework.

Well, I have to say that there was almost no homework.

Since it’s a lesson of a university, you study independently with your own will.

If you want to quit, you can just quit anytime.

Homework can usually be done within 10 to 30 minutes and the contents were basically to make you review what you studied today.

Although the time needed to do homework is short, it was effective just by reviewing for once.


For instance, some homework was to make a shopping list in Finnish, some is to make a list of items for travelling, some is to write an introduction on a blog in Finnish or write what kind of music you like and dislike.

Writing an item list builds your vocabulary. (of course you cannot expect to remember all these new words perfectly by just writing a list) Composing a self-introduction let you practice how to express yourself and answering what music you like and dislike help you know the expression of like and dislike.

How do you feel about these teaching styles?

A lesson with many songs and games and little homework?

You must also feel it interesting.


Well, I have to say that there is no way to avoid troublesome vocabularies and grammars.

No matter what kind of language it is, this is no way to learn a language without memorizing.

However, what the teacher can do and should do for you is not to memorize for you nor make the memorization easier. The teacher’s responsibility is to keep you being motivated as high as possible in the process of learning.

Fewer students quit, higher language level the whole will be.

This is what I felt in the past 3 weeks in my Finnish course.

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