All others’ faults!!

By | 2015/09/16

People often think like this:

If everything goes well, that’s because I’m good and smart.

If something goes wrong, that’s because the company’s decision is bad, the person’s behavior is bad or the environment condition is bad.

“Well, I rarely thought like that!”, if you think so now, I’ll ask you one more time, “do you really think so?”


One example, imagining that you’re running to catch a train and the door of the train will close in seconds. You suddenly notice that there is a person standing between you and the train door. You try to go pass the person to the train door, but the door close and you don’t make it.

Maybe you have some experience similar to this example in your life.

What do you think and feel at this moment?

Would you think exactly at the moment like, “That’s my fault because I didn’t get out of my home and go to the station earlier”?

Or, you just think, “If this person hasn’t had stood there, I would have caught the train!”

Which one do you really think and feel at these kind of moments?


One more example.

Someday, you are browsing your credit card bill online.

You noticed that there was a bill to your credit card that you never ordered, which is around $50.

You check the previous month and you found you were charged as well.

And 2 months ago and 3 months ago.

At the end, you realized you were charged for 9 months, which is around $450. The money just gone or taken by somebody else in your feeling.

When you checked where those bills came, you found they came from a web service that provide music and movies.

Then start to think of any possibilities of using this service 9 months ago….any registration…..

Yes, there was some possibility of this.

You know that you were searching for some ways to watch movies online and you may register your credie card on the web for free trial.

Then it must be charged in the following months through automatic contract renewal.

If you are the one who faced this situation, what would you think and feel at the moment?

Would you think like, “How can the company charge me every month without any contacts?”

Or would you think like, “It’s my own problem because I didn’t check the bill of my credit card every month”, or “It’s my problem because I shouldn’t have registered my credit card on a website easily.”

Did you notice your true feeling and thoughts while facing these tricky situations?

People tend to contribute the good results to themselves, and think all bad things are resulted from others.

I would say that it’s natural to feel and think like this, but if you can be sensitive and notice your own thoughts and feelings soon at the situations and take proper reactions to them, you may have a life with better direction.

How you take a result as an extremely lucky thing or nothing but common would certainly change your attitude and your life.

People who attribute mistakes to others and never improve themselves would definitely have different lives from those who attribute mistakes to themselves and improve themselves to void mistakes from happening again.

After all of these ideas and examples, how do you feel? What do you think?

Maybe you can try to observe your own thoughts and feeling at these situations next time!

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