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Feeling as one moment, this blog has met its anniversary today.

It was a very long year.

People usually feel that time flies, but it was a very full and colorful year for me since I have plenty of memory now from this past year.

I still remember that I wrote the following sentence in my Facebook on the 1st January in 2014: “Hope and chances will be everywhere in 2014. I will live through this year as strong as I did in the past.”


In last year, I quitted a stable job and join a small company of my friend, Mr. Kato, without receiving salary in order to learn and have experience as an entrepreneur.

I lived with my own savings and started some new businesses in Kato’s company while applying for master’s programs in entrepreneurship in Europe. This blog started right when all of these things were on progress and this blog was also established as a practice of setting up website since the specialty of Mr. Kato is web know-how.

In this year, I took risks to leave a stable position.

In this year, I got many rejections from universities and got one hopeful admission at the end.

In this year, I took risks to leave Japan, where I was so familiar with and loved, for Finland.

In this year, I tried to come out of the ideas for my own business and now I feel I can see the seed.

If I reread the message I wrote on Facebook, hmm, I guess I did it to live strongly as past in this year.

And all what happened and all what I understood were recorded on this blog, little by little.

I hope these thoughts and experience could be helpful for some people even though the origin purpose of this blog was just a record for myself.


During October and November in 2014, I was too busy in school studies to write articles regularly and I even considered to shut down this blog. I’m happy that I didn’t and I made it to continue.

Now there have been 489 articles in 3 languages and 163 articles in each language.

I hope I can keep the pace to post 5 articles (15 articles in 3 languages) every month and provide something valuable for everyone.

Thank you for your kind support!

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