Big Data (2)

By | 2014/04/18

“A speech from Jungo Inoue from Boston Consulting Group”

Big data is the source of creating values.

All industries who are saving data have the chance to utilize big data, such as transportation, health, finance, communication, public government, etc.

“Big data examples (cont.)”

(3) Financial industry

Many unpaid debtors are gone and the left debts become bad debts.

People tried to use big data to specify the location of the debtors.

The information of registered account in several companies, SNS and websites were analyzed and 36% of unpaid debtors were specified.


(4) Products for pregnant women and babies

Big data were used for marketing.

Usually, people have regular pattern in purchasing every day. However, the purchasing patterns changes when women got pregnant.

They extract the changes from purchasing data to estimate the timing of getting pregnant and then further estimate the time of the birth of babies.

They deliver advertisement and some discount tickets to these customers directly.

The sales were raised a lot by this accurate targeting.


(5) Health industry

Now it is a age of exploding information, including health industry. Physicians don’t always have sufficient time to read the latest medical articles.

Besides, every patient has his/her own personality, which makes the strategies for treatment should be optimized on the basis of the features of each patient.

However, it’s always difficult for physicians to understand the personality and features of every single patient in busy daily works.

The big data was utilized here.

First, a database of the latest medical information is kept updated as the base part of this system. Then the features and personality of a patient is extracted from Internet or SNS. Then all these information is integrated and provided to physician by simple keyword searching through the system, which is completed less than 3 seconds.

With this system, physicians can provide the best treatment strategy to every single patient.


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