Big Data (3)

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(6) Insurance

This is an example of the cooperation between a insurance company and a IT communication company.

It started from install GPS sensors to every car signed insurance contract to the car insurance company.

All driving information, such as speed, route or frequency of driving, is recorded real-time all the time.

These driving data were transferred to the insurance company to calculate the best price for the car owner, which means the driver can have the chance to press down the insurance cost by driving safely and stably.

(7) Utilize current data

It was a proposal from an IT company called Cardlytics.

There are large amount of customer data in a bank. There was also a transportation company who want to acquire some new customers.

Cardlytics made a proposal/system to analyze the data in the bank to extract the potential customers for the transportation company.


Then the system delivered specified advertisement to the targeted potential customers, which increased the sales of the transportation company.

As a result, this system brought every one profits. The bank got profits from the consumption of new customers. The transportation company got new customers. Cardlytics got profits from transportation company.

“The key to utilize big data successfully”

・For results: “what do you want to do?” is more important than “what the current data can do?”

・Thinking while running: “try and error” is more important than “adjustment and modification”

・Speed focused: “cooperation with other companies” is more important than “developing all functions by the company itself”

・Superiority protection: “developing core technology by the company itself” is more important than “out resourcing”

・Paragram: “Correlation” is more important than “understanding the mechanism”


“An example of Fancl”

In their works of net marketing, they used mail magazine to deliver messages and advertisement.

However, while the segment of al customers were more segmentalized, the multiple versions of mail magazine became a heavy burden for Fancl.

Therefore, they introduced web access analytic system, event recognition system and mail producing system for their net marketing strategy. (Marketing Automation)

They assumed several patterns of web accessing and browsing and send mails to specific browsing patterns, which helps remind those potential customers to purchase.


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