Building partnership: a negative example

By | 2016/02/24

I felt something in the game conference today, so I want to write them down as reference.

I met a CEO of a mobile game development company from Belarus, and I introduced my marketing plan to her.

(Belarus female is so beautiful. Belarus is really a country of beauties. Beautiful and nice style.)

It looks she was confused with my proposal and she discussed with her investor partner. Then she asked me to introduce my service directly to her investor partner.

I felt something very differently apparently from our conversation.


Game developers usually love games. They think their games as their kids and they hope the whole world to know their kids.

I am in the role to introduce their kids to Japanese game players.

So I always introduce them how Japanese people play the game differently to let them know how their kids may be seen there in Japan.

Most game developers are interested in this.

Unfortunately, this investor is not interested in Japanese market at all.

He doesn’t care how Japanese people play games.

“I want to sell the game. How much can you earn for us?”, is the only thing he interested.

He asked, “what kind of games has you done? Any reference?”

Unfortunately, we didn’t have good games, neither good results.

This is the fact and I know it very well.


This is why I’m not looking for big game companies.

This is why I’m looking for small game development teams.

Because we both just started, we are both small.

That means we need to help each other.

While talking for business, I can’t be partner of someone who don’t look at you, don’t listen to you and only care about numbers.

They should look for big publishers.

But big publishers will only work with them if their games are amazing profitable.

So 2 summarized points for this article.

No equal positions, no healthy business relationship.

If I can’t be better, there is no future.

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