Business trip in Tokyo

By | 2015/07/27
I never imaged I will go to Tokyo for a business trip from Finland and even for a whole month!

After returned back to Taiwan and visited my parents in China (they are working there), I came to Tokyo.

Although it's as long as a whole month, it's almost just like a business trip.

Visiting media companies, internet advertisement agencies, game-related events and Finnish embassy are the major tasks in my schedule.

Other time is used for work as well to learn special word or new concepts in this industry. Besides, I also some spent time to study the business of related companies. I don't even have time to buy a new backpack to replace my old one. IMG_9004 Because I want to focus on customer development when I'm in Finland, I wanted to do as much as possible to collect market information and deep know-how in Tokyo. There are really tons of things to do, but I'm happy. It's happy to do what I want to do.


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