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By | 2014/04/21

To have your calling makes you happy every day in your works.

Then what is the calling?

By looking at the dictionary, it is defined as “a job given by god or the job most matches the one”

Do you think you’re in your calling now?

I guess most people will say no.


Low salary?
Too busy?
Boring works?
No promotion?

So if you got higher salary, got easy job, got funny works and got promotion, then you will be in your calling?

I don’t think so.


If a calling means the job perfectly matches the one, then what is the definition of the one?

Do you really know your own self?

Do you understand what jobs match you?

If you don’t, are you trying to find it out?

Of course, taking a job is not only about finding one’s calling, there are usually something much more about making lives.

If somebody changes his/her job all the time with the excuse of trying to find a calling for him/her, it’ll never work well in the society and the one will get no benefits at all.

Nevertheless, I still consider it important to try to find out what your calling is while working at current position, which gives you a chance to find your calling for the rest of your life.

Then you can have the chance to both work more happily and contribute to this world more meaningfully with your work.

I’m 33 now and going into the sixth year of my career, and I finally found out my calling.

It is exact the title of this blog: entrepreneur.


I feel I’m living and working with my truest personality now than every single day in the past 5 years.

I guess a man who lives freely and takes risks.

Every body likes freedom and dislikes risks.

But I do feel I tolerate risks more than others.

Therefore, I never think I am the one who can work in government.

Sleeping at the time I want, waking up at the time I want, working from the early morning, working till the midnight, working for 12 hours, resting for while day, starting a new business from a new idea came out this morning or expanding current business with full power can all be decided by myself with certain evaluation of risks.

I believe there no any other work style is better for me.

This is my calling.

I found it, finally.

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