Change, future and cost

By | 2014/11/03

It’s so difficult.

While walking forward in our lives, we face many critical points where we need to make important decisions.

To decide to break up with boyfriend or girlfriend, to decide to leave hometown for university, to decide to leave home country to a place you never know, to decide to quit your job or to decide to move to other apartment from a place you are extremely familiar with.

Changes are something terrifying.

Because you are away from where and whom you’re familiar with.

Because you are going to a place where you know nothing and nobody.

Uncertain, anxiety, loneliness. They are all costs.

Therefore, it’s always difficult to make such decisions.

People usually feel the costs are so high that they can never afford.

So people stay. They just stay where they are and what they are.

Won’t they regret for doing nothing?


Is it OK to just be like they were?

“I don’t know” is the common answer.

That’s true….it’s never easy to know the answer…..

“Just try”

This is it. Simple. Just try.

A kind of food that you never tried ever would make you feel afraid and want to stay away from it. Since you have already eaten lots kinds of delicious food so far, it seems not necessary to risk trying something new.

Ya! That’s true.

But, if that’s the best food, even better than any food you knew so far, for you, you only risk one single trial to get the chance to know it! Just one single trial!

Just pay the cost of risking eating something terrible, then you have the opportunity to know the best food for you and you can enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Similarly, it would be scared to live in a new country for you. You may not know the local language. You may worry that you don’t know what to do if you get sick. You feel anxious because you know nothing there.

But, even just 6 months are good. Or 3 months. After moving there and living there, you may find that it’s the best country for you. You may experience the most important thing in your life. The possibility of changing your life to a totally unexpected direction is not zero. You just need to try.

Of course you need to pay costs or efforts for a chance to try, but there may be a new future waiting for you.

It could be a more complicated case to consider the situation of breaking up with boy/girlfriend to stay with a new boy/girlfriend. It is also a huge change accompanied with great consumption of energy, anxiety, uncertainty. (here we don’t consider those who don’t feel painful while switching new boy/girlfriend)

However, there is still a possibility that you can catch the most important person in your life. There is also another opportunity that you can look back into your relationship with your current, not broken up yet, boy/girlfriend and think more about your relationship. Then you can choose to take the current relationship as the most important for your life or to take a new relationship to have a chance for better future.

Your heart could be a mass. You may be confused, frustrated, painful, struggling. But by paying these costs, you may have a chance to be the happiest person in the world.


Did you understand now?

It’s all about trying. There may be loneliness. There may be pain. There may be anxiety. But you can always stop and return or choose a new way even it may take some time.

A trial may bring you the best life.

A trial may bring you true happiness.

It’s a chance to have a life without regrets.

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