Corporate website opened!

By | 2015/07/25
Finally, corporate website is ready now!

Great appreciation to the powerful support and full effort from Mr. Kato, the cost and time consumed for website constructure was incredibly low.

The name of my company is Sidora Marketing.

The details of services I provide are described in the website.

Besides, my name card is ready, too. Although all of them are still very simple, now I got the basic items ready for mt business! About SNS such as Facebook fan page or Twitter account, I don't plan to open them, although many people suggest and many companies operate them. And they are free to start. I would like to explain this a bit more. SNS is usually considered as a good tool to connect people and is commonly expected to be able to bring buzz effects with very low cost. However, you always need to carefully think about what the reasons could be for those may click the button to like your page or follow your account. IMG_3493 The most common reasons could be that the information provided by your channel is fun or valuable. But, as you may know, it's never easy to provide fun or valuable information regularly. It always takes lots of time and efforts. It's the same to other media, such as website, mail magazine, or seminars. They all need great contents to attract people. As a result, I decide that I won't operate SNS or any other media channels by myself now. What I need is to build good relationship with existing game-related media and acquire new customers for my business with my own words, behavior and achievement.


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