Cultural wall, cultural adaption and the happiness (1)

By | 2016/03/27

Tomorrow summer time will start in Finland! What a happy thing! (this article was written on 26 March 2016)

Finally, the day time will become much longer. The sunset will become 1 hour later from around 18:15 to 19:15!!

The daylight will continue until 7PM tomorrow!!

Much more energetic life!!

OK, let’s go back to the topic.

In most cases, there is a deadline for most people who stay in foreign countries to go back home.

It’s usually 1 week for short trip, weeks to months for a long travelling, months to half an year for short foreign study and 2 years for a master, 3~5 years for bachelor or doctor.

And, a very interesting thing happens.


On the day to return back to their home countries, most people say they don’t want to go back and they want to stay.


I believe one of the reasons is the adaption process in a foreign country.

(Of course there must be many other different reasons such as easier to earn good money or being more popular to foreign people, etc. Here I just describe one reason)

Generally speaking, there are 3 stages in the adaption process.

First one is the adaption in daily life.

You learn how to go to supermarket. You learn where to find what you want.

You learn how to communicate with doctors in hospital or you learn how to open a bank account.

You try and know how to do those basic things in your daily life.

This process usually takes 1~6 months.


The second one is adaption of language.

That means you can use the local language for daily communication.

Of course the length of adaption to local language depends on how much time you spend on study. Roughly speaking, it takes 2 to 5 years.

The last one is adaption to culture.

That represents that you can attend local events, talk to local people without stress and you can enjoy local TV programs in local languages.

Certainly it also depends on the difference of different people, but I would say it takes about 4 to 10 years.


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