Everything will be fine

By | 2014/06/10

Here is a sentence from the famous words of Little Me from Moomin.

“”Everything will be fine” is the word only belongs to those who did what they should do.”

There is a similar sentence in Chinese language.

“Do you best and leave the rests to the god”

The interesting point is that most people don’t think failures come from themselves.

They tend to think that failures are results of bad environment, bad social system, bad time or bad people around.


Why do they never think that the reasons may be caused by themselves?

Why don’t they ask themselves if they had tried their best?

Of course, even though the best had been tried, success is never guaranteed.

For example, even the farmers tried their best to grow their rice, one coming typhoon can ruin everything.

No matter how hard you studied, if you feel sick on the exam day which made you get one point lower than the pass line, this is a failure with no doubts.

A result is a result.

We can do nothing for the coming typhoon. We can do nothing to guarantee our health 100% good on the exam day.

That’s why!


What we can do is to try our best and hope for success.

Then you can have the right to say, “Everything will be fine.”

Then you can have a chance to live your life without regrets.

Are you trying your best today?

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