Driving power, capacity and wave of personal energy (1)

By | 2015/03/18

The concepts for today varies a lot from each individual, but it’s somehow most people had experienced. I would like to write them down here to make them more concrete for myself.

First, driving power.

The definition of driving power here is the willingness inside yourself of doing things you want to do and the strength of your behavior of moving forward.


If you don’t feel any driving power inside yourself, I believe that’s because you didn’t know what you really want to do.

There are many people trying to learn English in the world. They want to study more and be better in using English. However, there are very few who can really spend their time studying and using English. Is studying English really the thing they want to do from their heart? Are they trying to study English due to the reasons that others around them are studying English, they can’t get promoted without good English ability or they simply feel anxious with their poor English? However, these are the reasons from others, not from their hearts. Do they really feel happy in the communication in a foreign language such as English? Do they really aspire to communicate with foreigners through English?

Studying English is no more than one example. Others like studying for academic degrees, chasing for the goal of life are nothing different.

Certainly, it’s very difficult to find what you really want to do inside your heart. That’s why you need to keep looking for it, if you don’t know what it is. Spend your time and keep trying.

Here are the most important questions for you:

Are you doing what you really want to do? Or, are you looking for them?

If you know what you really want to do, then next step is how to achieve the goal or get tasks done in shorter time and higher speed.

In another word, it’s about efficiency and personal capacity.

There are various ways to raise efficiency and build personal capacity. I would like to share 3 techniques based on my personal experience as your reference, if they help.


(1) Think about the priority: chose and concentrate

This is top of everything.

What is the most important thing now? Which one?

Are you spending your time for the most important thing now?

If you have a goal and you want to achieve it, there must be lots and lots of tasks for you to do. However, sometimes actually those most important 20% tasks produce 80% productivity of all tasks. The proportion may differ, but the first thing here is to understand how to pick up those most important things and get concentrated on them.

If you have an exam tomorrow, then don’t clean your house today!

If you have an important presentation for customers next week, then don’t do the demand estimation for next year in this week!

Keep thinking the importance and emergency of each task and don’t miss the most important thing.

Spend your time there and achieve the goal.

What is the most important thing for you? Are you doing it now?


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