Entrepreneur support system in Finland (2) Start-up grant

By | 2015/04/14

There are various kinds of funds available for start-ups in Finland.

Today I would like to talk about one of the most general and widely used funding: Start-up grant.

In Finnish, it’s written “Starttiraha”, which means the money for starting.

This funding is provided by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy of Finnish government. If the application is approved, the start-up firm can receive around 1,000~1,600 euros (before tax) every month for at least 6 months. There is also possibility to elongate it to as long as 18 months.


Although 1,000 euros are definitely not a big money, it does help people just trying to start their own businesses.

The conditions for application are written on the official website.

・Start the business as a full-time job

・The business haven’t started (the company haven’t been registered)

・Potential to grow and get profit

I want to start my business now and I want to apply for the grant now!

I just worried that it could be a problem that I’m still a student here.

I check internet and I found that it can be applied through E-service on internet, but “Bank Identification” is necessary. Since I don’t have bank identification yet, I cannot apply for it online. So, I chose to go to the local office of Ministry of Employment and the Economy in Jyväskylä.


The counter service person was a friendly woman. However, she doesn’t speak English at all……!!

In the past 8 months since I came to Finland, I only met 2 Finnish people who didn’t speak English at all. One was the counter service person in gym and the other was a service engineer coming to fix my apartment.

Then I tried to use extremely easy English to explain that I want to apply for start-up grant, and then she asked me to fill in a 4-page form titled “Job Seeker” and said that she will call me.

Will she really call me? hm……

I want the start-up grant for my business!

I felt Finnish language is still necessary for doing business here.

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