Next dream : Study in Europe (1)

By | 2014/03/13

My dream of studying in Japan had come true.

What will be my next dream?

I keep asking myself……for 3 year.

What do I want while I was at the age of late 20s.

2 answers.

(1)   I want to have my own business to work freely, live freely.

(2)   Except Taiwan and Japan, I want to live in another country again to see something more and feel something more, such as in Europe or USA.


I tried to think about what are the options I have now to carry out the above 2 dreams at the same time.

Then, here come the options.

English language study, working holiday again or MBA.

I don’t prefer spending lots of time and money only for studying a language, so excluded.

I also had done working holiday at 24 y/o, crossed out.

Then, MBA, yes.

I had prepared for exams for MBA almost every day before and after work for 8 months.

Nevertheless, I didn’t get good grades even after I tried for 3 times.

It became a good time for me to think the reason again for taking MBA.

“If I want to start my own business, it will be important to have some money on my hand”

“Is it really worth paying lots of tuition fee to get a MBA for starting my own business?”

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