Calculation and mathematics education of Finland(2)

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Before writing the situation in senior high school, I have to describe that around half of graduated students from junior high school go to general senior high school and the rest half go to vocational senior high school. The most graduated students from general senior high school go to universities and those from vocational senior high school go to polytechnical universities.

Besides, there is national unified exam for entering universities, which makes the education in senior high school more like to prepare for the exam. This is quite similar to the situation in Japan or Taiwan.

But the number of student in a class is only 11 to 15, which makes the teacher understand the progress of every student easier.

Furthermore, the author also found that the senior high school students are very active and highly motivated to learn, but he didn’t explain the reason.


The part of making students think and taking care of those behind progress is very impressive.

By the way, the national curriculum in Finland is quite different from the one in Japan.

Japanese national curriculum is more specific.

For example, “Understand the root of a number. Know more about the concepts of numbers.” (3rd grade of junior high school)

In Finland, it’s like this, “Learn how to smoothly express one’s thoughts. Learn how to justify one’s own activities or conclusion.”

I won’t say there are something good or bad about the difference between these 2 countries, but I’ll say the difference do change the education in every single classroom.

There are also some interesting data.

It’s the proportion of private educational fee inside total educational fee in 2008.

OECD countries average was 31.1%.

Japan was 66.7%.

Finland was only 4.6%.


This also means that the education of students in Japan is more dependent on the wealth of their family, which was also reflected on the date of achievement in study in different countries.

You can notice that the proportion of students with the highest and lowest achievement is higher in Japan and lower in Finland.

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