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By | 2014/10/16

Then, next is the listening test in Finnish language.

Certainly, the words we knew are very limited, so the topics in listening test are very limited as well.

In such a basic language course, why a listening test is necessary, the same question as the existence of speaking test?

The contents of this test included the explanation of directions, announcement from train captain, conversation in buying things, etc.

These questions are very common as we used to in eastern Asian countries.

However, the way of answering is different.


For example, answering the direction question is to draw a line on a map to show the route, or answering where and when to transferring trains in the train announcement questions.


There are no “standard” answers. If you can get answers correct even just partially, you can get partial grades. Besides, the most important thing is not giving correct answer but how you found the answer and why you think it the correct answer. There processes were also emphasized and required in this exam. From here we can understand that it’s quite different between Finland and eastern Asian countries about telling what students should learn (chasing for grades vs knowing what you know).

In general, it’s never an easy exam, but by doing listening exam at the initial stage of learning a foreign language, we realize the importance to spend time practicing listening and understand the points in listening processes.

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