Headache and stress

By | 2015/09/23

Yesterday, I suddenly had a headache and felt sick from the morning.

I knew where it came from right away. This headache came from stress.

I experienced it several time before in my life.

I really didn’t want to go to school while I was a master student in the graduate school in Japan. I had a headache and felt sick.

I really didn’t want to go to the office while I was working in a Japanese company. I had a strong headache.

I guess it also happened in my second job in a foreign company.


It doesn’t occur so frequently, just once in a year, and I know the reason so it’s not difficult to take care of it.

The cause is nothing but stress.

And the stress simply comes from “there are too many things to do. I never feel anything done no matter how much I did. I feel being chased by many deadlines and can’t breathe.”

In my word, I call it “Syndrome of being too greedy.”

Actually it’s easy to treat.

Don’t be too greedy. Don’t push yourself too much and relax for 1 day.

Postpone some deadlines, even I really hate to postpone deadlines.


If I don’t change something, everything goes worse.

However, it’s good in some ways, because I can know my health and stop something before I need to go to hospital.

OK, take it easy and slow it down a little bit.

Don’t worry and don’t push too much.

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