Japan memory: (6) What is “research”?

By | 2014/08/15

I also had a great time in my research life.

In fact, the lab I was in a quite special lab in Japan.

Because my professor is from Korea, our members are more international than other labs. We even have more international members than Japanese members.

The year I entered the lab was 2006 which is the year of Soccer World Cup. (By the way, I watchd World Cup in Japan for 3 times! 2006, 2010 and 2014!! I really stayed for a long time)

Our members are from France, Sweden, Netherland, Japan and Korea. Everybody got his national team to support except me. What a bad time for me!


We projected TV on big screen in our lab and got together to enjoy the games. That was so exciting even though I don’t have my own team to support but just drink beer.

Hence, as you can image, English is quite a common language in our lab since many members can speak English, which also made my Japanese stay not improved.

During my 2 years in the lab, I got great chances to meet many top researchers from the world. What I saw, felt and learned raised me a lot!

The background of members from eastern Asia and Europe is fairly different. Many people from Taiwan or eastern Asia came basically for degrees, but many members from Europe came for deeper understanding to the field of what they’re doing.

As a general person from Taiwan, I was not passionate with research at all.

Nevertheless, every time I saw the burning passions and excited eyes from the great researchers, I felt I still have a long way to go and lots to learn.


As a summary for these 2 years, I believe what I grew the most is “some understanding of how to find ways to know what people don’t know”.

In another word in my sense, it’s like “research is a world of knowing the truth”.

During the first couple of years, many things, research, study, experiments, union, sport, travel, cultural experience, brought me wonderful life. Then, I start to consider my future.

By the way, please allow me being proud of what I was told by the administrator in my lab, “It is the failure of this lab that we cannot keep you staying”. I was so touched with this word. I was so happy from my heart.


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