By | 2014/04/10

Sometimes, this happens.

At midnight, I start to think about some questions.

Tonight, I thought lots again by myself at 2 am.

Is this road what I want?

Do I really believe this road is the one for me?

If I worked in my previous company, I would have nice salaries and less anxiety now.

And now? Nothing for sure.

No income.
No certainty even for next year.

What should I and how could I do for this strong anxiety at midnight?

Do all entrepreneurs experience this?

Some questions are with standard answers, but the others are not.

Some questions that nobody knows the answers.

Then I sometimes even felt fear to fall into sleep because I felt I didn’t achieve anything today and if I fell into sleep then one day would just be gone even it had been 2 am already.

A plant I never see

I guess this is exactly the fighting against myself.

A fighting to my anxiety.

It’s never easy.

But I want to fight.

To the last minute.

Until everything I can do has all been done.

Or, I’ll feel I’m wasting my life.

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