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By | 2015/11/23

Related to my job, I’ll introduce a new Japanese game today!

You may be scared by the title of this game though…

However, if you try it, you’ll understand that it’s like reading a story!



So for those who like short stories, I recommend it!

Especially the keyword of the story is about “real-time game play video”, you may feel very close to the story if you ever watched these kinds of videos.

The way to play is very simple.

Tapping the screen to collect comment, and then use the comments to move the story forward.


The more story you read, the more you will want to know.

If you use the button “double experience”, the speed of the game will be doubled!

So, by collecting comments in advance and releasing comments in the experience-doubled condition, the progress of the story will be very efficient!!

Furthermore, twittering the game will give you more chances to double the experience!

What will be the end of this story??

I’m going to see the end soon!! haha


By the way, the explanation of the comments include the latest Japanese internet words or words in subculture, which is quite a good material for me to learn some special and cool Japanese words!

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