Got to get ready for life in Finland

By | 2014/05/10

Actually, I don’t really feel I am ready for the new life in Finland in 3 months.

I am very looking forward to the study, the life and the culture in Finland or Europe. I spent around 2 years to keep preparing these while working with a full-time job. Until the admission letter arrived yesterday, I can’t realize that my dream is going to come true.

It’s not my first time to study abroad as if you read my other articles in this blog.

I had studied in Japan 8 years ago as an international student.

I studied, worked and lived in a foreign country and I felt I adapted quite well to this foreign environment.

However, I had learned Japanese and was able to speak fairly before coming to Japan. Besides, the culture of Japan is close to Taiwan. Furthermore, I had travelled in Japan before my study in Japan.


On the contrast, I know nothing about Finland. I just started to study Finnish 3 weeks ago. I only know 50 words in Finnish, not even speaking. I know almost 0% about the culture of Finland. And I even never jumped on the land of Finland!

“Everything will be OK! Don’t worry!”, 70% of my heart said this.

However, the rest 30% said, “Really? Are you sure everything will be OK?”

I believe the start a new business is a very similar process.

It’s to move on in uncertainty and go with anxiety.


Well, this must be a part of growth!!

This is exactly what I had done in the past.

Anyway, I’ll memorize 20 Finnish words today!

And 20 for tomorrow!

Go and move forward!!!

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