Responsibility and trust

By | 2015/06/19

Recently, I met 3 people who I trusted but broke our deals.

They didn’t keep their promise.

I trusted them. I didn’t make lots of conditions and I made it simpler to be convenient for each other, but they just break their words easily.

Yes, I can understand.

Because there are some more beneficial options emerged for them, certainly they want to choose the new options.


But what about the deal we made?

Say sorry? Ignore the deal? Or just break the word without negotiation?

Where is responsibility?

Yes certainly they can choose the new option that is more beneficial for them, but what are the responsible actions for the deal with me?


Negotiation? Proposal? Compensation? Explanation?

No, nothing. All of the three left nothing.

They just ran away.

I can never do business with this kind of people, not even being friends.

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