Stay hungry, stay foolish

By | 2015/12/25

This is the word from Steve Jobs.

Do you think you can do it?

You may imagine “hmm…ya, I guess I can. Just to be humble and study a lot, right?”

Actually, it’s much more difficult than we imagine (at least I imagine).

“Stay hungry” is to be active and curious to new knowledge and challenges ALL THE TIME, in my opinions.

If it’s the case of a weak person who is strongly willing to grow, I think it’s possible.

But how about a person who has been very active and curious to knowledge and challenges for 10 years? I guess he/she has known much more than most people in the field.


Can he/she really “Stay foolish” after he/she has been so good?

“Stay foolish” means to be humble in my explanation.

How many people can be really humble after they have stood at the top?

Isn’t it difficult to “Stay hungry” while “Stay foolish”?

I believe it also very difficult to “Stay foolish”.

The reason is people have the original desire of being recognized and respected.

Human beings have the desire for basic desires such as food, safety, sex, and so on, then other higher level desires, including being recognized and respected.

It’s very natural.

However, in order to be recognized and respected, it’s difficult to be always humble.

Sometimes people need to show their strength and power.


If they fail, they may be humble and keep learning.

But if they win and keep winning, it would be much more difficult for them to be humble.

They will be recognized and respected by everyone.

They may then just forget how to be humble.

To be very strong, very powerful and humble is very rare, very difficult.

Have you ever thought this about “Stay hungry, stay foolish”?

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