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I believe nobody would say that teamwork is not important.

Nevertheless, I did feel that the teamwork in a job/business and the one in study/school are quite different.

In a job, company or business, no matter it’s simply an individual work or a complicated team project, the final goal is to create some kind of value and contribute to gain profits. If no or little value could be created, there is no meaning for the work.

For that purpose, all products or produced documents from an individual or a team work would be checked by a boss or supervisor and be sent out to the market or the higher management level in the company with the condition of being valuable.

Teamwork in universities is quite different.


Most students (in my university) are not used to thinking of the value of their products/produced documents, nor thoughts with the point of view of customers.


Because most students can pass and get credits by producing documents or products just on the basis of the rules given by the teacher.

In a team, each member prepares his/her own part and combine all parts together later as the final product/document. The only way to produce the documents is to follow the instructions from the teacher.

No one is thinking what is the most important.

What your classmate will feel and learn from your presentation?

Are your slides easy to understand? Did you try to rethink several times of how to make your slides better? Aren’t there too many details on your slides? Is your main messages emphasized and focused? Are you thinking of these?

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