The 4th month as an entrepreneur. What has and hasn’t changed? (2)

By | 2015/11/27

Another change is getting familiar with sales activities.

Sales activity is not easy, especially doing it overseas.

Although I have been doing product manager and marketing and had experience in communicating with customers, I didn’t have experience in sales activity.

Being honest, that’s quite scary. VERY scary.


Because you’re trying to talk to people you don’t know at all and asking people to pay for your service.

I felt it so troublesome to meet unknown people, to talk to unknown people, to call unknown people.

I worried about what will happen if people know much more than me.

What will happen if they just noticed that I know nothing?

What can I do if they just say “I don’t need your service”?

What should I do if I spent all my money, lots of time and find no one wanting to work with me?

I did think a lot.

That’s my personality.

Thinking of all the process, all the things I did so far…..I’m surprised that I was able to say hello to so many people I didn’t know…

So I guess I’ve “done something I should do”……


As an entrepreneur, you have to do everything you should do no matter you can or cannot, or you want or don’t.

Not all action turns out to be positive, but sometimes you would be surprised by some good results.

You were scared, but you happened to meet new people in the industry and found you just had a very happy talk together!

You sent mails and got no replies. You felt you’re ignored. But after calling him, you got reply like “Oh…that thing!! Yes, sorry to reply you. Let’s set up a meeting on X date.” Then you just noticed that your work moved forward in a moment!

In these 4 months, I tried to talk to people, call people, meet people, so I guess I’m kind of getting used to sales activities somehow.


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