The direction of my business (1)

By | 2015/02/16

After the huge mistake of trying to join other’s team/business, I started to think over again of what the main value philosophy/vision of my business should be and what my strength is.

These are supposed to match my strengths and what features my business should have.

  • Relationship among Taiwan, Japan and Finland.
  • The capability of working anywhere in the world, not limited to a physical location.
  • Related to engineering or biology.
  • Utilize my language ability of Chinese, Japanese and English.


If my future business matches these conditions, then I’ll probably have better chance to perform my strengths.

But, what is the business I really want to do?

That’s such a difficult question.

I guess it would be something like this: “Be a bridge among Taiwan, Japan and Finland (Europe)”.


It should be a business to make people in these countries know more about each other, learn from each other and share the profits together.

I would like to do a business like this.

If I got some more details, I’ll share them here.

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