The Prince Billy Bob: It’s time to try!

By | 2015/11/03

It’s a hot game in these days in Korea!

The story of the games starts from a 40-year-old man starting his adventure to save the Earth. Since I’m getting close to the age 40, I do feel something from this story…


Maybe I’ll be the one to save the Earth someday…

So, I tried the game.

Now I’m in 198th floor after my first reincarnation.

I reincarnated for the first time when I was in 100th floor. (You need to be in 100th floor to be able to reincarnate)

I got a pet Zaap which is pretty cute and also a good assistant for attacking.

Although reincarnation makes you restart from the first floor, you inherit your power, which makes it easier and more fun.

In the whole game, doing quest is the most important thing!

And there are some efficient ways to do quest!


Automatic quest looks very convenient, but you have to notice that using your coins for automatic quest is not efficient actually.

The efficient way to get coins is to activate high-lever quests, do high-level quests for several times manually. Then when the amount of coin needed to activate automatic quest is not such a huge number for you, you can activate automatic quests.

It’s the same for weapons!

Chasing for better weapons is not a good strategy. Saving coins for high-level quest and saving more coins with high-level quest manually is more important.


Besides, watching video is another efficient way to get gems and coins.

Video is usually only 15~30 seconds, which brings you precious gems and lots of coins. That’s quite a good deal!

The last word I would like to share is to start the game before going to bed and let the game run the whole night, so you can harvest in the morning.

hmmmm……when I can reach 1000th floor then…

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