What value can the information you give provides?

By | 2014/06/11

People give their information by many ways.

In the past, it was done simply by talking, but it has been much more choices nowadays through SNS.

Then, in this convenient era, what do you think while sending information out to others?

Sending what you feel right now?

Saying the one sitting next to you on a train is with so bad smell?

Saying the cake you ate today was delicious?


Or putting some photos of your travelling in Italy and saying “See! How beautiful it is!”?

Have you ever thought of the meaning of your messages to others?

What you had written so far may just be no value as trash to others.

How about considering one word as following while writing?

“Is this helpful or good to others?”

The one who is sitting next to you on a train may be bad smell, but you can try to search internet and give some advices of how to handle with this situation to others.


The cake may be very good, but you can add the name and address of the restaurant to give others a chance to visit and enjoy.

The photo of Italy may be amazing, but you can also have some more introduction of the place or give some recommendations for others to come.

It is just one more simple step you can do before sending your message out.

Not just a message of “See how happy I am!”, but one of “Please come and try. It’s really good!”

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