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By | 2014/04/06

Everything here is my own theories. Just for your reference.

What do you feel about time in everyday life?

Do you always think of how to use time properly?

There is a good story.

You can get 86,400 yen (USD 864) everyday, but if you don’t use them all, the rest will disappear at 12:00 midnight.

How will you use the money?

“Of course I’ll use it all!”

I believe you must have thought so.


Yes, this is what time means.

Everybody can equally have 86,400 seconds every day no matter he/she is rich or not, good appearance or bed, male or female, any nationality.

Then, my question for you is “how you are going to use these 86,400 seconds?”

Watch TV? Go swimming? Go lunch with friends? Study in a library? Attend a seminar? Read this passage or even just spend time doing nothing to give your brain a break?

How are you going to use your time?

There is one more interesting point of view.

I ate luxury Kobe beef!
I spent 1 million yen (USD 10,000) for a luxury bicycle.
I took a taxi home today, which is so luxury.

You must have used these words ever.

Then, I’ll ask another question. “do you ever use time luxuriously?”

Sheeps on the way

“Do you feel luxury while using time?”

“What kinds of things make you feel that you are using time luxuriously?”

Have you ever thought of these?

The answers to these questions show your consciousness to time.


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