How small human beings are

By | 2014/04/15

Human beings are so small…

No matter in physical size or time length, human beings are far much smaller and shorter than we’ve  ever imaged.

Comparing to the size of the earth, a person is felt more tiny than a sand.

Comparing to the life of earth, the life of a person is just like a lightening moment.

Even through, it’s very difficult for people to understand this. Or people may understand it, but aren’t really conscious to this fact in daily life.


That’s easy to understand since we basically care about and focus more on issues related to our daily lives.

As a result, salary is important. The size of the house is important. Boyfriend is important. Private time is important. All about everyday life.

There’s no problem and it’s very important to live happily. I can’t agree anymore.

But I feel that if I can’t be conscious to how tiny I am in this world, I can’t really do something big.


This is more true to me especially because I am trying to be an entrepreneur.

So far I always care about things around me. I focus on people around me.

From today, if I can recognize myself and be conscious to how tiny I am, I guess I’ll be able to do something really meaningful to this world.

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