Turning point of my life (3)

By | 2014/04/25

“This is so close to the colorful life as I images!”

I wanna do something more!

I chose another one more close to nature, where we went tracking for 3 days in the deep mountain with cooking outdoors and camping, which was held by the mountain claiming club.

For a person who never goes hiking or tracking like me, it’s quite tough time for me.

Nevertheless, the nature really attracted me a lot.

The sky fuller fireflies made me so touched.

Of course it was dirty and troublesome to cook outdoors, but it was one of the most unforgettable memory to walk on the tough mountain for many hours together with team members, enjoy the outstanding scenarios together with team members and cook and eat dirty food with team members.


What I decided latter for my college life was, “chasing colorful life with the minimum grades necessary to keep me staying in the university.”

Fortunately, I only got 2 subjects failed at the end of the second semester and was able to move forward to my second year in university.

In my second year, I took a position in an organization, which was the period of time I learned the most in my whole college life.

I became the candidate and was elected to be the chairman of Tainan Student Association.

I always was a follower so far with extremely few chances to think and decide something as a core member.

It’s the first time to stand at the top of an organization, even just a small and weak one.

I got many chances to think.

What kind of organization do I want?

What kind of people should be in the organization?

What kind of leader should I be?

What should I do today?

Tomorrow? Next week? Next 6 months?

When should I apologize?

When should I be angry?

When should I trust people and let them do freely?

When should I take the leadership and lead people?


Passions, actions, surprises, results

They all became the precious properties of mine.

A life-changing turning point.

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