Value of business?

By | 2016/03/13


“Value creation”

“Verification of business model”

These are quite often heard words, but do you understand the meanings?

I guess I’m kind of realizing the meanings of these words recently.

How do you define “innovation”?

What exactly is “value creation”?

What is the process of “verification of business model”?

By simplified these words in one sentence, I believe it’s all about the question: “Is there anyone who are happy to pay you?”


Are there people who want to buy your products or services?

If yes, that means there is value in your products or services.

If there are lots of people who want to buy your products or services, that means the value in your products or services is very high.

If there are few people who want to buy, that means there is no value in your products or services.


It simply means there are lots of people want to buy your new products or services.

Verification of business model?

It means the verification process of producing products or services, telling people your products or services, and making people pay for your products or services.

At the end, it’s about if there is someone who would pay you or not.


Business operation is all about this.

There are lots of things happening around an entrepreneur, such as knowing more different people in different industries, exchanging information with other entrepreneurs, going to seminars given by experts, getting grant from government, earning investment from investors or simply recruiting great partners, etc.

They all sound important, don’t it?

However, it’s important not to forget that all of these are nothing but “supplemental”.

Supplemental activities will never be the core of value creation. It would be dangerous to misunderstand that doing lots of supplemental activities will make you win in your business.

It’s all about “Is there anyone who want to buy your products or services?”, and “How many, if yes?”

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