What is a “job”?

By | 2014/03/30

What does a job mean to you?

Generally speaking, a job is a method for most people to earn money to make lives. Some may be for hobbies and others for enjoying lives.

By looking from the angle of Japanese society, job sometimes means much more in people’ lives.

For instance, some Japanese consider their job extremely important, so they even skip their meals, sacrifice their family or sleep, which looks like they are living for jobs.

Is this good?

“No! Not good at all definitely! But there are no other choices…”
Many Japanese people may say so without hesitation.

There are no choices, really?

Or they are just keeping tolerating because they want to avoid risks and changes?

In my philosophy, a job is something what you do to contribute to the society or others and get profits as feedbacks from that.

Therefore, money isn’t the only reason for a job.

“A job that improve the world and other people by my own hands” is what I want.

Sky of Te Anau

This is why I decide to start my own business.

What exactly does working in a office from 9 am to 5 pm mean to you?

It may be a good chance for you to think over it again.

I guess I’ll be thinking of it in all my life…haha…

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