Business……, so what is my business?

By | 2015/07/23
Ya, I guess I haven't described what my business is yet.

Please allow me explaining.

Simply with a single sentence, the business is to provide marketing service to help overseas mobile game app developers enter Japanese market.

You may have a question: why do game developers need your help to sell their apps in Japan? They can put their apps on App Store or Google Play by themselves!

Exactly true!! But you need to think about the difficulty to sell English games in Japan. English reading in games produces stress on game players, so they tend to ignore English games. Why does a game player want to spend his/her precious entertainment time fighting with a difficult foreign language on a game? So I do English-Japanese translation for the game and related contents. Besides, I also use the connection to Japanese game-related media and advertisement agencies in order to provide Japan-specialized information channels for oversea game developers. IMG_3126 Furthermore, most of my services are free of charge and my profits are based on revenue share model, which makes the risks of clients very low and makes it easier to build relationship with clients. I believe value can be create from lingual and cultural difference and I believe this value can be shared by both 2 different markets. Then, both Finnish game industry and Japanese game market could give stimuli to each other, which not only creates value of providing more great games for players in Japan, but also activate both markets for mutual future growth and development.


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