World ICT Summit: Big data and Entrepreneurship(2)

By | 2014/06/19

The next speaker is Peter Vesterbacka, the co-founder of Slush which is the biggest entrepreneurship event in Finland that involves entrepreneurs, investors and the others from Finland and other countries.

I was surprised at the beginning.

A man wearing parker and jeans came on the stage in front of 600 people with no willing to do the same speech to others.

He talked for 30 minutes with only one slide with the face of Angry Bird, the game developed in Finland.

That’s quite impressive and brought me the feeling of “Entrepreneur and Europe”.

Here are the notes.

It came from the Slush: Cultural revolution in Finland, from corporation to startup nation
Peter Vesterbacka Co founder of Slush

  • Finland’s entrepreneurship just started only 6 years ago.
  • Slush is an event that Finnish people try to bring entrepreneurs, investors and relavent people together.
  • Let entrepreneurs come and share they ideas of what is important.
  • The government need to know what is required to make the environment better for startups.
  • The start of Angry Birds is a student project. Peter suggested them to establish a comany to create games since people shoud do what they love to do and they love creating games.


  • Having role models for success and do as you belive you will succeed.
  • The government can only make it easier to start a business but people need inspiration and excitement to start by theirselves.
  • A culture of sharing is important. Do share experience of failure because people learn the most when they failed.
  • 51 games were made before Angry Birds’ birth.
  • People even celebrate failures in Finland.

And the last session is about asking government to open internal data for future utilization and development with the title of “Open data to vitalize society and economy”.


  • American government opened the data and function of GPS in 1990s and now which is creating 67 billion USD every year for American government.
  • Furthermore, the research of McKinsey showed that if governments open current data now, 3 to 5 trillion USD value can be created.
  • As one example of utilizing open data, by collecting and integrating the data from government, spectators, volunteers and Google in the crisis of the typhoon’s strike in Philippine, the distribution of resource can be optimized and better results can be achieved.
  • The other example is at Taipei, Taiwan. All the data of all shops’ working hours are collected and marked on the map. Then by knowing how many shops are still open at night, women can try to find a safer way home.
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