A foreigner entrepreneur in Finland: Company registration (6)

By | 2015/07/21

After waiting for contacts from accounting services for 10 days with the help of the business consultant, here came the email.

It’s a small accounting company located in a small town 30 minutes away from Jyväskylä by train.

Since I’m in Taiwan at that time, we talked on Skype to check what services he provides and the price.

He belongs to both accounting service company and company registration service company (or maybe the accounting company is a distributor of another company registration service company).


【Company registration service】
Registration fee for government: 330 euros for online submission, 380 euros for paper submission

Service fee: 350 euros

Northern Skies Business Partners OÜ
Nurme tn 16, 11616 Tallinn, Estonia

【Accounting service】
Online: 40-70 euros/month
Paper: 50-90 euros/month with upper limitation for transaction number

Siltatie 3, 41900 Petäjävesi

In Finland, company registration can be done online. So if you understand Finnish, it’s not really difficult to register your own company by yourself.

Actually, 2 of my clients registered their own companies by themselves, which shows that it’s not difficult.

However, all documents should be written in Finnish or Swedish and English is not allowed.

As a result, as a person who doesn’t know Finnish well, it’s quite difficult to do it by myself. 350 euros service fee is not expansive at all for me in this case. It’s even a life-saving service for me!

In the following week, the accountant produced necessary documents for application in Finnish on the basis of information I provided.

He also confirmed with me about the field and range of my business, the address of my company, etc.

Besides, we also noticed an important fact.

At least 2 people are needed to register a limited company in Finland!!


I just want to do a business by myself. Why should I register 2 people?


According to the details described by the accountant, at least 2 members of board are necessary. One of them must live in Finland and has long-term residence permit in Finland and registered in Finnish population system.

The other one could be anyone in the world, but the registration process would be different due to his/her residence area.

If the one also lives in Finland and has registered in the population system, company registration can be done online and process time may be as short as 2 weeks.

If the one lives in EU area, you can only apply by paper submission, and it may take up to one month.

If the one lives outside EU area, you need to apply for qualification of the person first, then do paper submission after the qualification is down. It may take up to 2 months.

I have a reliable business partner in Japan. I also have my best friends and families in Taiwan. So many people are available candidates for me, but they are all living outside EU.

That will take 2 months…

All my business activities would be delayed…



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