Behave like a CEO

By | 2015/07/24
I don't know why, but I feel I started to recognize myself as a CEO after the establishment of my company.

It's not because I feel I became better or I did something great due to the new title of CEO, but because I started to think more about what is the proper behavior as a CEO.

In another angle, I feel I now have more clear standard while facing choices and decision making.

At the same time, I also feel there are more responsibility for me now. I guess a salary worker wouldn't know this feeling as I was before. Maybe it has been a very very old word, but I would say again. You can decide everything after you established your own company. You are live or die together with the company. IMG_3189 You have 100% freedom for your life, but you'll be hungry someday if your company don't profit. I guess this means "taking the risk" for an entrepreneur, which is the difference from a salary worker. Hope I can keep growing and learn from others as a CEO.


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