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By | 2014/04/20

“Learn data analysis through an example of soccer”

A speech from an statistics, Hiromu Nishiuchi.

It’s A very good and impressive speech.

Verification of hypothesis has been a general way to analyze data. However, this method can only be used to exam one factor at a time, which may neglect some other important factors in the data.

He proposed a method to analyze data through 3 aspects: outcome (the desired result), analyzing unit (unit of influence factor) and influence factor (the variable range of analyzing unit).

The basic analyzing units:

Who: customer, employee, cooperation company
What: product, service, equipment
How: advertisement, champagne
When: day, month, year
Where: shop, office

Remember always to analyze from several angles.

The most important thing is to improve the outcome by changing the influence factors from the results of analysis.



It’s interesting that the organizer of this event delivered barcode strips of all sessions to all attenders, which means that the organizer was collecting “real-time” data from potential customers!


“My opinions”

It wasn’t known well yet so far, but the application of big data to our daily lives is coming closer every day.

I believer the utilization of big data will soon develop much more in the lose future.

Nevertheless, as an entrepreneur, to apply big data for some business means the power of programming is the most basic technology.

Even I’m highly interested in developing application of big data, I’ll need some partners who can do programming.

I would like to keep what I learned from this event and continue to search for good chances in the future.

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