Company registration completed!!

By | 2015/07/22


Company registration is done!!

Online application submission was done on 19th June and I confirmed the completion on 24th!

I expected it to be as long as one or two weeks, but actually it only took three business days! Amazing!

I believe it’s partially because of the good job of company registration service including
production of related documents in Finnish correctly without missing any parts.

Without miss or unclear things on the documents, time for correcting misses and re-sending documents was saved.


OK, so now I am CEO.

I guess I can say that I have stepped out my first step as an entrepreneur now.

Although I don’t have any achievement or results yet, at least I got a legal box for me to operate my business now!

Everything will start from here!


Now I got tons of things to do. I need to produce my name card, the homepage of my company, accumulate the knowledge to increase my business competency, etc.

At the end, just let you know that I may post more articles about the details of my business here. Please feel free to comment and give me feedbacks.

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