Criteria for personal time allocation

By | 2016/02/26

(This article was originally written in August 2015 and was stolen in Rome. I couldn’t post it until today.)

I guess it’s a bit difficult topic today.

But I guess it’s not a totally new one in this blog.

Everybody has his or her own criteria for personal time allocation. People use time for important things, generally speaking. (Of course, there are also lots of people who use lots of time in something not important at all….)

Taking myself as an example.

There are so many things I want to do, so I have to prioritize things to use my time.

I want to allocate as much time as possible for my business as a CEO of my company.


Thinking like this, I sometimes feel it more important to spend time working than staying with friend or travelling.

Then I need my own criteria to help me decide how to allocate my time.

What would my criteria be?

I believe the best criteria for myself is the answer for the question, “What kind of life do I want?”

As a CEO and a business owner, certainly I should spend as much time as possible working for the growth of my business, but in order to have a life without regrets, I should always ask myself, “Will I regret for not doing this now when I die?”

Of course, there is no a standard or a “correct” answer.


There are many people who fool around doing nothing everyday just for the name of “a life without regrets.”

Nevertheless, the thing I want to tell is, “It’s important to stand back to your origin and think of your time allocation with the whole of your life.”

Just like what I wrote in other articles, “It’s not to live to be an entrepreneur. It’s to be an entrepreneur to have my life full.”

Don’t miss the point.

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