Cultural wall, cultural adaption and the happiness (2)

By | 2016/03/28

By the way, you may hear people say that life oversea is very happy or very difficult.

(We ignore the factor of financial support to the life in a foreign country here.)

I believe these feelings are directly connected to this adaption process.

Adaption, as we understand, is the process from not knowing to know, so for sure that there will be confusion and frustration at the beginning and in the process.

This part is the most exhausting. Of course.


You were sick and you went to the hospital. However, the hospital told you that you need to book in advance. You went to a restaurant, but you misunderstood the way to order.

That’s not an easy process.

You started to learn a new language. You understood that it’s another long way to go. What you can do is to go step by step and spend more time one it.

Again, that’s not an easy process.

When you finally could understand the local language, you realized that you can’t join people’ conversation. People are talking about their shared experience in their childhood. People are talking about the TV drama 15 years ago. I’ve only stayed here for a couple of years. Of course I don’t know those things and I can’t really understand their feeling.

The same, that’s not an easy process.

All these are truth. It’s never easy to live overseas.

Nevertheless, in foreign country you meet difficulties, you feel frustrated and you are confused.

Then you gradually get used to it.

If you try hard enough and learn from it, you grow and you know more.


Then you start to feel happy from your achievement, which makes you want to stay in a foreign county longer.

(Definitely there are people choosing to leave the foreign country they stayed due to different reasons such as “terrible food”, “boring life”, “weird public system”, etc. Here I won’t discuss these cases)

In another word, you taste your growth and achievement little by little, and you want to taste it more and more, which makes you want to stay in the foreign country for the taste and for the happiness.

Which stage are you in now?

I entered the last stage when I was in Japan.

Now I still haven’t even enter the second stage in Finland.

By the way, for those tourists who don’t stay in a foreign country for more than a month, they are not related to anything in this article.

Because they just come for sightseeing and for fun. They don’t come to adaption to local environment and culture. They don’t want to go back simply because they don’t want to face stress in their job again.

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