Driving power, capacity and wave of personal energy (3)

By | 2015/03/20

(3) Parallel working

No needs to say, working on 3 tasks at the same time is more efficient than working on 1 task.

A task needs to wait for the reply from others or needs to wait for the working time of others should be sent out earlier than other tasks!

For instance, A task is to schedule a meeting and you need to send out a mail and wait for the reply from your colleagues. B task is to check data by yourself and it takes 3 hours.


Then you must do A first and B latter since A may only take 5 minutes to send out the meeting invitation and you can wait for the reply while doing B task.

If you reversed A and B, you would have spent 3 hours for checking data and then spent extra time to send our meeting invitation and more extra time to wait for the reply.

It’s very easy to understand this principle when the tasks are few, but if there are 10 tasks or 20 tasks, it could be very difficult to put good priorities to each task.

So be careful and pay attentions to the way of setting up priority and decide the order of tasks since the busier you are, the more impact priority gives to your efficiency and your personal capacity.

These are just some common techniques that help increase working efficiency. Since I had seen some problems of low working efficiency on some young friends, I would hope these techniques can help people increase their working efficiency and expand their working capacity.

The last concept is the wave of personal energy.

I believe it can also be described as the maintenance of heart and life balance.

Had you ever felt the fluctuation of energy inside yourself?

“I want to do this and that today!”

“I don’t want to do anything today without any reasons.”

“I want to push and move things forward this week!”

“I just want to watch movies the whole day today.”

These are somethings you experienced, aren’t they?

It’s like charging and discharging of battery.


Sometimes you really want to concentrate and work hard, but sometimes you need to slow down your pace and relax.

If you work hard every day and never rest, you would always be nervous and become too tired to continue, even get sick physically or mentally. It’s never a smart thing to spend time and money to take back health which is lost mainly due to your bad behavior.

Besides, if you just work hard every day, the range you can see and feel may become narrower and narrower. You may even overlook those really important to you.

On the contrary, if you never work, you may even have no money to make life.

As a result, balance is important.

Repeating charge and discharge smartly with a good balance makes you continue for a long time.

Of course the difference among individuals is huge. Some people can work (discharge) for 1 week with only 1 day for relaxing (charge). Some others may need 3 days for charging and discharge for only 4 days.

The important thing is not about the length for charging or discharging, but to know your own cycle of energy wave and give yourself sufficient time to take rest and charge so that you can maintain high-quality working time as long and constant as possible.

By doing this, I believe not only your working efficiency will be higher, but also the quality of your life.

So…what do you think?

Isn’t each concept simple and something you had experienced?

Maybe now it’s a good time for you to look back to your heart, condition and what you’re doing and see what to change tomorrow.

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