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By | 2014/05/04

Then, (3) Students don’t attend private or cram school after their study in public schools and (4) less competition is highly related as well.

Why shall we go to school?

This is the question for everything.

If I try to ask this question to people on the street of Tokyo, I’ll never get an answer like “raise one’s cultivation and grow one’s mind.” I believe I would receive answers like “for a prestigious university”, “for higher salary” or “for entering a famous company.”

In my opinion, education is not for studying in a “fantastic university” or for working in a “making people envious company”, education is to make people understand what is important in one’s life. I guess this is the key difference. Of course the welfare system in Finland and in Japan or Taiwan is quite different, which may also make people think differently.


The feature of education of Finland is that the measurement is achievement but not competition and rank.

In Taiwan, all students take exams from elementary school. There are always grades and ranks for every test. Even you got 96 points out of 100, if you rank behind most classmates, you may get troubles with the missed 4 points.

Besides, no matter how much of lessons a student understands, all students move forward at the same time.

Some excellent students go well, but not everyone else.

So, after 6 years in high school, some students entered famous universities, but others stop learning anymore. They hate learning.

Is it good? Is this helpful for our children? Is this what we want?



Finland measures how students learn by achievement but not rank and if a student doesn’t achieve, teachers wait and spend more time helping him/her learn again. So the student will not be left behind. If there are some excellent students, they can move much more quickly to advanced courses. Under this education system, students don’t feel stress in learning, which produce some chances for students to love learning. A environment that make students curious, active, happy in learning.


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