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By | 2014/05/02

I’ll go to Finland in August, so I checked some general data of Finland.

The national flag is the figure of deep blue cross with white background. In my image, the white background is the snow white of the Finland in winter and the deep blue cross shows the calm mind of Finnish people.


However, after reading the internet, I found out that the meaning of white is correct but the deep blue means the thousands of lakes and blue sky in Finland.

As everyone knows, the land of Finland located to the far north of Europe between 60~70 degree latitude with 1/3 of land inside arctic circle, which means it is very cold in winter.

Even the capital, Helsinki, at the south end of whole country is at the line of latitude of 60 degree which is far northern than the north end of Japan called Wakkanai at 45 degree of latitude.

However, due to the effectiveness of Mexico stream and the Baltic sea, the high latitude capital of Finland keeps the same temperature of Wakkanai in winter with the temperature between -1~-7 degree Celsius.


The city I’m going to go is more inside the land, called Jyvaskyla, where may be as low as -15~-20 degrees in winter. So cold….I gota be ready….

The population is around 5.3 million which is 25% of Taiwan and 4% of Japan.

The land is 33.8 kilometer square which is 9 times of Taiwan and slightly smaller than Japan.

The GDP of Finland is ranked 43rd in the world in 2013 with 257 billion USD.
In comparison, Taiwan is ranked 25th with 489 billion USD and Japan in 3rd with 4,903 billion USD.

By looking into the GDP per capital, the number is very impressive.

Finland is 47,129 USD ranked 14th in 2013, but Japan is ranked 24th with 38,491 USD and Taiwan in 38th with 20,930 USD.

I believe you can realize how wealthy Finland is now…

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