For those 5% Japanese people who want to grow through their work

By | 2014/07/02

A book written by Junichi Imakita

My business partner borrowed me this book because the contents are highly relevant to my situation, an Asian guy going to Europe for future career.

Indeed, there are many points inside this book produced resonance in my heart.

Here I wrote them down here as your reference.

  • “How do you answer the question of how much money do you want for your salary?” Even the same work produces different value from different definitions of different people.
  • The price of your work is not decided by you, but others who need it.
  • Don’t be a man who talks, but acts.
  • Produce the value to keep your promise.
  • Keeping searching the world for your life.
  • There are 2 silences in Japan. One is “silence of no idea” and the other is “silence of no trust”. Never ignore the latter one.
  • Never mix the willing of growth and the willing of going to top. The former one is only to compare with oneself and grow by recognize oneself. The later one is to compare with others for a higher rank.
  • Even through one is fluent in English, without meaningful words, that’s nothing but foolish decoration.


  • Never avoid facing the situations, including situations of…
    • Conversation in dinners.
    • Aggressive questions from others.
    • Some discriminating words to you.
  • Put dream and passion at the basis of your communication.
    • Communication is based on your whole personal humanity.
    • Don’t learn a language, but learn how to communicate.
  • Don’t wait for the god of luckiness to come but go for her.
  • Beyond the top point of a profession is a world that only belongs to him/her. A job of one’s natural calling is a road to happiness and success.
  • Pay more attention to those people who resonate to you.


Where is written in the preface, “The people who can act with positive mind and have passion are only counted for 5% of all” is observed in many his seminars.

I want to be the 5%.

I want to do a job that is my natural calling, which is an entrepreneur, create business that brings positive influence to the world and discuss things deeply enough to people from the world.

I want to be a man with higher quality in his mind than his appearance.

I want to work with great people.

I want to be a man who do plan but never forget to run for an adventure.

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