Your good news is not always good for others as well

By | 2014/06/22

It’s important to understand.

Most people desire to let others know how good or how happy they are, desire to receive compliments, and desire to be recognized.

However, in others’ shoes, by seeing you are good, they usually compare each other unconsciously in their minds and then the feeling of jealous and unhappy came.

As a result, the negative feelings from their minds may be attached to your image gradually.

That’s definitely not good for anyone, including you.

In my opinion, there are only 2 kinds of people that can really feel happy for you.


One is your family.

Your father, mother, partner or kids can feel true happiness for you, if you are considered one of them.

The other is your best friend.

The most important friends and the friends that you can say anything to.

Good things for me are also good things for them.

For others, maybe the previous school teachers or boss may also feel happy for your achievement since they usually feel they did something good to others (you).


Except these, most people don’t feel happy for your achievement. What they feel is jealous.

Therefore, stop letting people know your good things, good life, good salary, good days. Don’t let them get a chance to compare.

Don’t disclose those things show or imply that you are better, richer, luckier, more successful, etc.

Stop sending them out.

News or things good to you may not be the same to others.

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